8 Essential Elements To Writing Fantastic Blog Content Every Time

A desk covered with writing tools that will be used to write some fantastic blog content.

Writing fantastic blog content is in some ways like the automotive manufacturing process that Henry Ford pioneered, where  he developed a process to produce cars again and again using the same basic process.

Now, writing fantastic blog content is a more creative task in many ways than the building of cars. But you can create a process that will help you be much more productive and increase the quality of your content as well. This post will show you how.

1. Finding Great Blog Content Topics You Can Write About

Start with a very broad topic category and then narrow your focus to one small aspect of that category. A good place to find good topics is by checking out your competition and researching the top blogs in the niche you are writing about.

Then put your own original angle or slant to the topics you find and make them better in some way. For example, you could make it longer, more detailed, more data driven, and so on.

Next ask yourself, what is the point of this blog content piece? Then sum up your answer to this question in one sentence. And now you have the working question that your blog content will answer for your content reader.

2. Making Your Content Come Alive With Great Research

Start your research by finding articles on what others have written about this topic as your starting point. These articles will provide the background information for your post such as:

  • experts quotes on topic
  • statistics and data on topic
  • case studies on the topic
  • stories related to concept
  • expert ideas on the topic

These expert opinions and resources will help you to write convincingly on any topic you select to write about.

3. Writing Great Content Headlines To Draw Your Reader In

An icon showing the importance of good blog content headline ideas to the success of a post.

Now, take your working question and turn it into headline copy, then write 5 to 10 strong benefit headlines, keeping in mind that the headline is critical to the success of your blog content. Then select the one headline that you feel works best and use it for your piece.

Here is a list of a few of the many different kinds of headlines you might use for your content:

  • Command headline
  • News headline
  • How to headline
  • List headline
  • Question headline
  • Reason why headline

In addition, there are a number of great headline creation tools that you can use to help you. Here are three of them:

  • TweakYourBiz Title: This title generator is a great tool when it comes to blog title suggestions because it generate hundreds of headlines.
  • Ntopic: This helpful SEO tool will score your topic to determine how readers would respond to it. The higher your score, the better.
  • Headline analyzer: With this tool, you just your headline into the search box and click “Analyze Now.” And you get some great suggestions on how you can improve your headline

4. Writing A Blog Content Lead That Hooks Your Reader

Your lead sets the tone for the rest of your post and is also called the hook. Because its main purpose is to hook your reader, and pull them into your blog post copy, so make sure your lead is strong. Here are a few of the different kinds of leads you might use:

  • The summary lead
  • The picture lead
  • The dramatic lead
  • The background lead
  • The quotation lead
  • The metaphor lead

Similarly, your lead should promise the reader some kind of benefit for reading your content, and it should give them a good idea of what your content is about.

5. Laying A Solid Content Foundation With A Simple Outline

Lay out your blog post in a simple bulleted outline starting with your headline and your sub-headlines. And under each sub-headline write a bulleted list of information that will support that sub-headline. And at the end of your outline put your conclusion, which should tie your post together into a complete package.

6. Creating Great Body Copy For Your Blog Content Piece

Ernest Hemingway once said that: “a writer should write drunk and edit sober.”

An artist’s drawing and painting tools to help explain creativity related to blog content writing.

This means that to get the best from your creative writing mind, you need to let go and not worry about the results of what you are writing because the creative mind works best when it is allowed to flow naturally with the process.

Then, just simply follow your outline and notes as you write without worrying about grammar, punctuation, or facts until you finish. In other words, you should write your copy like you are drunk and could care less.

7. Ending Your Content Like A Polished Professional Writer

Now, it’s time to conclude your content piece. Do this by summing up the body copy of your content outlining where you and your reader just travel together, to bring the piece to full circle and give your reader a sense of completion.

Too, be sure to write a good call to action to end your content with. This call to action can be as simple as a request for comments, or it can be a marketing message leading to a landing page. But always end with a good call to action.

8. Editing Your Blog Content So It Shines Like A New Dime

After writing drunk, you need to edit your blog content piece in a very sober manner. To edit your blog content copy, start by very carefully reading your blog content out loud looking for grammar mistakes, awkward wording and other problems.

If possible, get also someone else to proofread your content. In addition, there are some good editing software available that can help you like the Grammarly and the Hemingway text editors. Both of these editors do a much better job than just a Microsoft Word spelling and grammar check. And finally polish your blog content until it shines brightly in the morning sun.


While this process may seem a bit complicated at first, after using it over and over, it will become second nature. And you will also see an improvement in the quality and quantity of your blog post production.

Now, you have a complete process that you can use to crank out fantastic blog posts, so use this process to create some fantastic blog content again and again like good old Henry Ford did automobiles.

Creating the content you need can be a time consuming and frustrating process. But it doesn’t have to be because I’m here to help you. Contact me today for the content you need!