How To Write An Email Newsletter To Fuel Your Business Machine

A businessman reading a colorful email newsletter on his smartphone.

Email newsletter marketing is one of the most cost effective means for your business to reach out to the market you serve and convert that market into dollars. In fact, the ROI for email marketing is 4,300%, according to

And the email newsletter is the workhorse of the email marketing system. When people subscribe to your newsletter, they give up their email address to receive valuable information that can help them achieve their goals.

You can then convert many of those subscribers into buyers and profit accordingly. This post will provide you with some valuable tips on creating an effective email newsletter that rocks to help you achieve these objectives.

1. Create An Awesome Name To Make It Stand Out

With hundreds of thousands of email newsletters in circulation on the internet, the last thing you want is for your newsletter to appear mundane and boring. To avoid this, you need to develop a great name for your email newsletter that stands away from the crowd and excites your market.

This name should be both catchy and contemporary, and you should try to put some kind of benefit into the name of your email newsletter. Also, you should devote a good amount of time in developing this name because of its importance to the success of your newsletter efforts.

2. Select A Good Template For Easier Publication

You do not want to re-engineer the wheel each time you publish your newsletter. So, select a good template that you can use in the creation of each issue to save time and give your email newsletter consistency.

In selecting your template, try to keep your design as simple as possible. And you should steer clear of images as much as possible because many browser image viewers will be turned off by default, so your images will probably not be seen anyway.

Two businessmen working at desks to select a good template for their email newsletter.

Also, you newsletter template should express your company’s band and style in general, so use the same colors and design elements in your newsletter template that you use for your basic business brand as well.

3. Make The Tone Conversational For The Best Results

The immortal  copywriter John Caples calls conversational copy “You and Me.”

The key to writing good conversational copy is to know your audience inside and out from having carefully researched them. Once you truly know your audience this good, you can then speak the same language that they use and talk directly to them in a very conversational manner.

You must speak the language of your audience, and do it in a way that conveys you are a real person, with a genuine interest in offering your help and expertise. The language here would be no different than if you were sitting with your reader in their living room talking with them face to face.

4. Keep Your Email Newsletter Short So It Will Get Read

Economy of length is an important factor in getting your email newsletter read because most people are too busy to read a long email newsletter. So, the shorter your email newsletter the less time commitment is required from your reader.

Also, a good email newsletter can be created in about 500 words or a little less. However, the main requirement here is that you provide your market with valuable content that they can use, whatever the length of your newsletter.

5. Write High Quality Content To Keep Subscribers Happy

The best type of content is content that provides your market with tips or some kind of advice, such as how-to content, for example. So, write excellent content that will answer questions and solve problems for your market.

Three smiling, happy businesspeople because they just read some great content in an email newsletter.

In developing this content, you should also think in terms of creating evergreen content which has a much longer shelf life than trendy, buzz types of content. And as a result, such evergreen content will keep the name of your business before your market for a much longer time span than trendy types of content will.

Here are a few tips to help you develop good, brisk content for your email newsletter:

  • Research overview articles on the subject you will write on.
  • Develop a strong benefit driven headline for your content.
  • Develop a simple bulleted outline for your content.
  • Write an introduction that draws the reader into your content.
  • Divide body copy into sections with good subheadlines.
  • Summarize your body copy in your conclusion.
  • Carefully edit and polish your content until it shines.

6. Make It User Friendly To Connect With Subscribers

In this cold world of ours, people are looking for connections and real human concern. Speak with a human voice like a friend would and be real and authentic. Seek to interact with your readers by asking them questions and conducting short surveys to hear what they have to say on certain subjects.

And make your email newsletter user friendly by talking to your market in a direct second person manner using clear, simple English. In other words, you should avoid jargon and talk directly to them one on one.

Too, make your email newsletter easy to read by using short sentences and paragraphs, benefit driven subheads, bulleted points, and highlighting key information in bold type. In other words, make it scannable and very easy to read.

Also, your newsletter should be written by one person only so it always has the same tone and voice, which your market will become accustomed to over time, making it more personal, familiar and friendly.


An email newsletter is a very powerful business marketing tool that lets you stay in touch with people who have expressed an interest in your business. And then by sending them valuable information, you keep your business before them and very fresh in their minds.

Therefore, connect your business harness to the power of email marketing to fuel your business machine by creating a workhorse email newsletter to help you market your business more profitably today.

Creating the content you need can be a time consuming and frustrating process. But it doesn’t have to be because I’m here to help you. Contact me today for the content you need!