How To Get An Unending Flood Of Great Content Ideas

Someone on a boat

At the start of the great biblical flood, it rained for forty days and forty nights. But eventually the rain stopped and the flood waters dried up.

However, your flood of great content ideas need never dry up
and can remain flowing without end.

In developing a flood of great content ideas, what you’re really doing is developing a flood of great headlines. After you develop your headline, your content will almost write itself.

Brian Clark says: “Of course, you’ll need to have a basic idea for the subject matter of your blog post, article, free report, or sales letter. Then, simply take that basic idea and craft a killer headline before you write a single word of the body content.”

This post will show you how to find a flood of great content ideas and put them into headline templates or formulas. Then from there, you simply turn your headlines into great content.

3 Popular Content Headline Formula Templates has developed a list of 30+ great headline formulas that you can use to help you template your content ideas fast and easy.

Headline formula templates are used in all forms of content, such as blog posts, web content, tweets, magazines, and so on. Here are three popular formula templates in use today:

1. The Listicles: formula template is the most popular formulas in use today and is seen everywhere. Here’s the format:

• 25 [Blank] to [avoiding/achieving something]
• 15 Killer Resources for [achieving something]

Example: 25 Ways to Keep Yourself Strong and Healthy

2. The How To: formula template is an all-time favorite that has been around for a long time. Here’s the format:

• How to [do something] and [benefit in some way]
• How to Use [something] to [avoid/achieve something]

Example: How to Get Rich and Enjoy the Process

3. The Secret: formula template is another classic that plays on people’s need to get the inside scoop. Here’s the format:

• The Secret to [doing] for [achieving something]
• The Secret to [achieving/getting something good]

Example: The Secret to Staying Young Forever

Now that you understand formula templates let’s look at some of the many ways to finding a flood of ideas that you can put into your template formulas.

Get Content Ideas From Your Competitors

Two competitors squaring off

One way to get a flood of content ideas is to go to your competitor’s site for such ideas. Now, you won’t be using their actual ideas but basing your new ideas upon the concepts. noted: “Of course, it’s unwise to simply visit your competitor’s blog and start copying their strategy from the ground up. Instead, use their content…as inspiration or direction for your own.”

This is perfectly ethical because ideas are not copyrightable. And by merely reading their headlines and subheadlines you can come away with a treasure of general ideas that you can then put to your use. There are a number of ways you can do this:

• You can take their headline and make it longer.
• You can take their headline and make it shorter
• You can put a negative spin on a positive one.
• You can put a positive spin on a negative one.

For example, let’s say that your business is accounting. And you find a headline on your competitor’s site that says: 12 Things You Can Do To Avoid an IRS Audit in 2016

Make it longer: 15 Ways You Can Keep the IRS from Auditing Your Taxes This Year

Make it shorter: 10 Ways to Avoid IRS Audits

The key to successfully using your competitor as a source of ideas is to find new angles and approaches to the subject that are distinctly in your own voice and brand. Then put those ideas into formula templates to polish and perfect them.

Get Content Ideas From Top Industry Blogs

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Neil Patel says: “Why do you ever need to struggle to find great ideas for your blog, when industry and influencer blogs have everything you need?”

Mr. Patel’s words are indeed made of pure gold when it comes to finding great content ideas.

Whatever your field, there are top industry blogs that you can find online with a simple Google search. These blogs will be producing cutting edge content headlines that you can use for new content ideas.

An easy way to find a regular and ongoing source of ideas in your industry to set up an RSS feed. Then you can harvest these ideas like pearls and turn them into content.

One of the best RSS feeds you can use for this purpose is And all you have to do is subscribe to the top blogs or news sites in your industry. And you’ll receive a flood of content ideas daily with the click of your mouse.

Get Content Ideas From Niche Targeted Books

Niche targeted books can be another source for content ideas. Using niche targeted books to hone in on your market, you can come up with great ideas that your market wants and needs.

So, if you write about accounting, the business section of any major bookstore is a potential gold mine. Or if your field is online marketing, check out the internet marketing section.

Another option is to go to and just type in your keywords and you’ll find a treasure of potentially great content ideas to write about.
Here’s how:

• Review the list of books from your keyword search.
• Select one that you find interesting and want to explore.
• Read the introduction and the table of contents.
• Use the introduction and table of contents for content ideas.
• Select another book and rinse and repeat the process.
• Build a long list of content ideas that you can write about.

And of course, you can always buy the books if you prefer, but it’s not really necessary in developing a long list of cutting edge content ideas using the introductions and tables of content.


For a flood of great content ideas, you can use your competitors, top industry blogs, and niche specific books. Then you simply put those ideas into a formula template and go from there.

And if you put these ideas to work, unlike the great biblical flood waters that eventually dried up, your flood of great content ideas will never dry up. And your ideas will continue to flow and bring forth fruit for as long as you desire.

Creating the content you need can be a time consuming and frustrating process. But it doesn’t have to be because I’m here to help you. Contact me today for the content you need!