How To Optimize Your B2B Cold Emails To Get A Ton Of Hot Leads

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According to Mashable, there are over 144 billion emails sent each day. Why are so many emails being sent each day? It’s quite simply because email works.

In fact, many B2B marketing businesses are using cold email to generate a ton of hot new sales leads and making a fortune in the process and you can do the same thing with your business.

This post will show you how to optimize your B2B cold emails to help you find hot leads for your products and services.

Successful Cold B2B Emailing Starts With The Development of A Good List

In developing a good list, you should start by clearly defining exactly who you want to reach out to. This info will include such things as:

  • the target industry
  • the contacts job title
  • the company’s size
  • other persona data

You do have buyer personas on your targeted market, don’t you? If not, please develop some by all means.

Buyer personas will help you to find the right people to target with just the right message. Each one of your buyer personas should have a first name. And when writing your cold emails, you should keep this one person in mind and write to them.

Remember, it’s a complete waste of time trying to reach the wrong people with an untargeted list.

Cold Email Subject Lines That Get Opened Are Critical To Your Success

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Awesome subject lines get high open rates. But if your email never gets opened, your message will never get read and acted upon, no matter how great your message is crafted.

According to Hubspot, here are some subject lines that have been proven to get a good open and response rate:

  • “A [benefit] for [their company]”
  • “Idea for [topic they care about]”
  • “Question about [goal]”
  • “I found you through [referral name]”

The key takeaways here are to write subject lines that are short, provide some kind of benefit, are helpful in nature, or requests information about something that your target market cares a lot about.

Write Cold Email Introductions That Connect With Real People

To connect with a real person, you should put the focus on them. One way is to use the most important word in marketing. That word is “you.” So, in your introduction (and copy) use the words “you” and “your” a lot more than you use “I” and “we.”

In addition, don’t bother to introduce yourself or your company in your introduction. You can do that later on in the body copy. Instead, use something your market will recognize and focus on one of their pain points.

For example: “I’m reaching out to The XYZ Corp to see if you would like some help with [solving one of their pains].”

What makes this a good intro? It’s because the first thing they will see their company name, which is something they’ll recognize.  And you’re also hitting one of their pain points, which you know from research, that they may be seeking a solution to right now.

This introduction is about them and will show up as a text snippet in their email window or smartphone screen. And it’s focused is on them and not you, which will help get your email opened.

Develop Good Cold Email Body Copy To Keep Them Reading

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In your cold email body copy, what you want to do is to introduce you and your company but still keep the focus on your prospect. So, be sure to focus on the benefits of your product or service and not the features.

For example: I’m [your name] with [your company] we help [their industry] companies [solve some problem] and achieve [some benefit].

In the next paragraph, you want to provide some kind of social proof of your value as a company. Three good ways you can do this are:

1. Provide the names of previous customers/clients you’ve successfully worked with.

For example: We recently worked with [client’s name], [client’s name], and [client’s name] and with our [product/service] we helped them achieve [these benefits].

2. Provide a case study of one customer/client you successfully worked with and the beneficial results you help them achieve.

For example: The customer/client company faced this [the problem]. We assisted them with [what you did], and next we helped them [what you did], and then we [what you did]. As a result of working with [your company] they [achieved these benefits].

3. Provide a testimonial from a satisfied customer/client.

For example: The [your company] helped us [solve this problem] and [achieve this benefit]. Plus, throughout the process they guided us each step and they are one great company.

–John Doe, CEO, The XYZ Corp

A few tips on your copy’s tone and format:

  • make your copy casual and conversational
  • keep your copy to about 200 words or less
  • use no more than 3 or 4 short paragraphs
  • include a simple one sentence call to action

Make Your Call To Action Simple And Easy For Your Reader To Respond To 

Remember, the desired action from your email is to simply start a conversation, and not to sell your products or services. That comes later after the conversation has started.

One of the best calls to action is to ask your prospect a simple yes or no question. Here are a few examples:

  • Would you be interested in solving this problem?
  • Would you be interested achieving this solution?
  • Would you be interested in hearing more on this?
  • Would you be interested in a 15 minute call to chat?

When they answer one of these kinds of questions with a yes, you have a hot lead and the conversation has started.


To effectively optimize your cold B2B emails, make good targeted lists, create good subject lines, write awesome first sentence, and stress the benefits of what you offer in your body copy, not the features. Plus, keep the focus of your emails on your market and not on you and your business.

Cold B2B emails are being used every day by some of the top companies in the world to produce hot marketing leads and tons of profits. You can do the same thing by following the simple cold B2B email optimization guidelines provided in this post.

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