8 Amazingly Simple Tools To Help You Create Better Blog Content (Easier)

Gears representing tools

Imagine its 800,000 years ago and mankind is surviving in a hostile environment without superior tooth or claw. Why? It’s because simple stone tools gave him the edge he needed to survive in his inhospitable world.

Now fast forward to our high-tech computer age. The same basic principles used by prehistoric mankind can be used by you today.

There are some very simple blog content writing tools that can give you an edge in producing better blog content so you can thrive in the hostile and competitive world of internet blogging.

So why not develop and use them? Here they are:

1. Blog Content Formats Help You Create Your Posts Faster And Easier

Blog content formats are blog writing examples. They allow you to quickly take your content ideas and put them into written form. There are many blog content formats available you can use, but you should select those formats that you’ll use more often than not.

In addition, you should decide in advance how long your typical content will be. Then you can set a predetermined word count for each section of the format.

It’s much easier to write ten 150 word sections than it is to write one 1,500 word post, so doing this will make writing your blog content much faster and easier.

2. Buyer Personas To Help You Focus On Writing For Just One Person

Buyer personas are simple one or two page characterization of your typical buyer. Each persona should have a name, industry, job title, age, education level, income level, and a list of problems this person faces each day.

The best blog content solves problems for your market. And these buyer personas will help you create targeted blog content towards that end.

Plus, personas help you to focus on this one person and write for them even if you have a market of 500,000 or more.

So when you write blog content, keep this one person in mind and write to them like you would to a friend in language they can easily understand.

3. A Production Process List To Help You Get More Value Out Of Your Time

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What is a production process list? It is a list of steps you go through in the production of each blog content post you produce. To do this, you need to document in writing each step you go through when creating your content.

Doing this will help you to eliminate time waste when producing your content. And it will improve the overall quality of your blog content because creating it won’t be hit or miss. But it will be based upon a successful process that you repeat each time.

4. A Brand Style Guide To Help You Create More Memorable Branding

 A brand style guide is a blog content tool to help make sure you’re consistent in your branding elements. While your brand style guide will cover your whole branding approach, such as:

  • image types
  • color schemes
  • design styles
  • font types
  • image sizes

All you really need is a simple one-page brand style guide. However, this simple guide will help you present your brand in a consistent manner and make your branding stronger and more memorable.

5. A Writing Style Guide To Help Make Your Writing Consistent And Unified

This blog content tool is the set of rules and guidelines you use to write your content and it’s a powerful blog writing tool.

Your writing style guide will cover such items as your company’s voice and tone. In addition, it will also cover mechanical issues such as:

  • headings
  • capitalization
  • punctuation
  • font type
  • font size

Your writing style guide will help insure that all the blog content your produce conforms to the style of your company and brand, so you can present a consistent and unified style of writing for your company overall.

6. A Workflow Chart So Everyone Knows What They Should Be Doing

Your workflow chart is a blog writing tool based upon a series of steps your company will go through to produce blog content and cover how the job should be done for best results.

It also details who will be involved in each step of the blog content creation process by assigning responsibility to those individuals.

The workflow chart is a basic overview of how your company produces blog content. This overview of production will in turn help each employee fully understand their role in the process so your content creation system operates smoothly and efficiently.

7. An Editorial Calendar To Help You Plan Your Blog Content In Advance

An editorial calendar

An editorial calendar details all of the blog content you have planned for a specific time frame such as the next 30-60 days.

It’s generally not a good idea to plan blog content more than 90 days in advance because your content direction will change based upon your analytic reviews on what content is performing best.

Your editorial calendar can be an Excel Spreadsheet or Google Doc, and it can be as simple or complex as you wish. This calendar, however, should at least cover such items as:

  • the content title
  • the content type
  • content writer
  • target keywords
  • publication date

Also, keep in mind that this editorial calendar is a key blog content planning tool that helps support your entire strategy and is a must have blog content creation tool.

8. An Editorial Checklist To Help Insure The Quality Of Your Blog Content

The editorial checklist helps ensure that the key aspects of your blog content meet quality standards. This editorial checklist will address such issues as:

  • fact checking content
  • spelling and grammar
  • removing weak verbs
  • removing fluff and filler
  • writing in the active voice

Whatever items you decide are important for your editorial checklist, the main idea is that you be consistent throughout the editorial process and present a good experience for your market.


The basic tools your blog content creation toolbox should include are your favorite blog post formats, buyer personas, a production process list, a brand style guide, a writing style guide, a workflow chart, an editorial calendar, and editorial checklist.

And while these tools are not made of stone or 800,000 years old, these 8 simple tools will help you plan and produce the blog content you need in a much more organized and efficient way. So they’ll make your job much easier and faster like the simple stone tools used by mankind a long time ago.

Creating the content you need can be a time consuming and frustrating process. But it doesn’t have to be because I’m here to help you. Contact me today for the content you need!