5 Blog Formats That Your Content Creation Arsenal Should Have

58% percent of marketers voted “original written content” as   the most important content, outdoing images, videos, and infographics, according to Social Media Examiner.

While video is the current rage, original written content is still a critically important factor in online marketing and blogging.

In this post, you’ll learn how to produce original content using five different blog post formats that should be a part of your   blog post creation arsenal.

1. The List Post Format Is One Of The Most Popular In Use Today

The list post is one popular blog post formats in use today, and they’re very easy to write as well. Here’s how:

1. Create a headline that includes a number, such as: 7 Secrets To Finding The True Love You Desire.

2. Write an introduction providing your market with the benefits the post provides or problems it will help them avoid.

3. Structure you post in a logical order. For example, from hardest to easiest or easiest to hardest. Just be sure it has some logical order.

4. Write a conclusion that sums up the benefits the steps will provide. And connect your introduction to your conclusion in some way to create a full circle. Then end your post with a good call to action.

The list blog post format one post that will add a lot of firepower to your blog post creation arsenal. And your market will love you for them.

2. The How To Post Format Is A Classic That Remains Ever Popular

The how to post format was in use long before the Internet and is still one of the most popular post formats available. Here’s how to do them:

1. Develop a how to headline that promises some benefit to your reader that is important to them.

2. Write an introduction that lays out for your market what they can expect to take away from this posts and shows them you understand their problem and have a solution.

3. List the steps to the solution in a logical order. This order will usually start at step one and walk your reader through the process with actionable details.

4. End your post with a good conclusion summarizing what readers will get by using the advice in the post and a strong call to action.

Like the list post, this how to post format is one of those high firepower posts you should use often.

3. The Case Study Format Is Great For Showing The Value Of Your Product Or Service

The case study post is excellent for showcasing your company’s products and services in a value-driven manner.

Here’s how to structure your case studies:

1. Write a working headline for your case study. This working headline will probably be changed in your final post but you need  it to get started.

2. Write an executive summary providing an overview of the problem, how the problem was solved with your product or service, and what was achieved.

3. Outline the problem your customer or client was facing why this problem needed a solution, and what were the big challenges to solving this problem.

4. Detail in a step by step manner how your product or service solved the problem in action.

5. List the results that your product or service achieved including real numbers and percentages of improvement.

6. Conclude your case study post with some ideas on how your market can get those same results and a call to action.

Case studies are great for showing your market proof that others are using your products and services successfully. And they’ll produce a lot of sales for you.

4. The Interview Format Provides Your Market With Valuable Inside Information

Interview blog posts provide valuable inside information that your market doesn’t  normally have access to.

Here’s how to develop an interview blog post:

1. Create a good working headline for your interview post. While this headline may not final, it will help you in developing your list of interview questions.

2. Develop a good list of questions for your interview. These questions should be both open and close-ended questions.

3. Set up a recording device and record the interview for best results. But always get their permission first.

4. Do a good interview asking the questions on your list. Some questions will naturally lead to other questions so stay flexible.

5. Transcribe the interview and format your post. To format, you can put a big Q followed by the question and a big A followed by the answer to that question.

6. Write a conclusion to your post with some inspirational thoughts about your interviewee and end with a strong call to action to motivate your market.

This post is a great marketing vehicle because you can interview people who have used your product or service successfully, as well as leaders in your industry.

5. The Link Post Format Is Easy To Do And Provides Great SEO Value

The link post format, also called a roundup, is a quick and easy way to add more SEO value to your website.

By creating link posts that link to high ranking sites, you can easily improve your own sites ranking.

Plus, people love these kinds of posts because they provide dense helpful information. Here’s how to do them:

1. Write a good headline for your link post. Link posts lend himself well to list type headlines.

2. Create an introduction that tells your market what information you have and why it’s important to them.

3. Divide your links into subheadline categories. And then provide some meaty details on the links under each subhead. Then paste your link text under subheadlines.

4. Conclude your link post with a brief summary on how this information will help your market, how they can get more information, and a strong call to action.

The powerful link post will provide your website great SEO value and your market valuable information as well.


These five posts: the list post, the how to post, the case study posts, the interview post, and the link post blog formats are some high firepower tools you need in your blog post creation arsenal.

And the more firepower you have in your blog post creation arsenal, the more easily and the more often you can hit your target market successfully.

Now use the information in this post to help you produce some awesome blog posts to more effectively market your business. 

Creating the content you need can be a time consuming and frustrating process. But it doesn’t have to be because I’m here to help you. Contact me today for the content you need!